Install original latest video driver(s) downloaded from your computer manufacturer website if you don’t know of better or newer suitable drivers from other sources. Examples:

Graphics #1: Intel Video Driver and Control Panel:
Uncheck / do not install WinSAT and the Aero Theme!
Note: You don’t need WinSAT measurements running as you’re going to set up everything for best performance manually. Aero was more related to Windows 7 and 8 before moving to Metro design.
[More on WinSAT]

Graphics #2: AMD Video Drivers and Control Panel:
Note: Do not install over any other driver. Always remove previous drivers completely before proceeding with installation.
Choose • Express Install.
Finish –> Restart
Note: It’s recommended that you prefer an original driver made by your hardware manufacturer over anything else. Other drivers – even though they might perform quite well – will most likely not be exactly tailored for your particular graphics card. In addition, they can be bloated with unnecessary stuff, such as Raptr and the like. Ironically, they rarely prove to be actually newer than the original one.
(Optionally, you can subsequently update the driver in Device Manager (with Windows Update temporarily enabled), however, it hasn’t proven to be of any sense in my case.)

 Install latest chipset software.
Here, on the other hand, you don’t need to cling to the driver provided by your computer manufacturer (like HP, Dell etc.) but rather look at the Chipset manufacturer support website instead. In case of Intel, for instance, there’s a tool called Intel Driver Update Utility (the link is for Desktop only) that can detect what you need and download it for you. Example:

Chipset Device Software (e.g. Intel Management Engine Components Driver):
Note: This is just because of the Intel® Management Engine, the other components are not necessary.
1. Run the downloaded installation file. It will update Windows INF Files to a newer version.

2. Restart.

 Install storage driver (e.g. SATA AHCI Controller / Intel Rapid Storage Technology).

 Install original external disk driver (if you use it) to prevent it from freezing. Example:
External Storage original Driver if you use an additional hard drive connected via USB:
Connect the drive (in my case WD My Passport Ultra-Portable Hard Drive) –> Go to Device Manager –> Right click on WD SES Device USB –> Update Driver (Software)… –> Browse my computer… –> Browse for the WD SES Device Driver folder –> Next –> Close.

 Install the rest of the drivers.
After installing all the drivers you know about I recommend that you check the system by Driver Booster and use the program to install or update all remaining drivers.
Do not let the program install any additional recommended security patches or updates should a window with such a heads-up appear. It would automatically turn Windows Update back on. (Updating drivers alone is OK and does not reactivate Windows Update.)

(Once you have completed the installation of all drivers you can delete the folders with the extracted files etc. the installers might have left on your hard drive, usually something like C:\Intel, C:\SWSETUP, C:\AMD, etc.)


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