Keyboard and Time Settings

These are the very basics and should be quite obvious, just make sure that you’ve got them sorted out before you get to the next steps.


Keyboard Settings

Nothing is more annoying than typing with a keyboard you’re not accustomed to. What’s also annoying to me is the option to switch between two or more keyboards in the system tray. I prefer to have my regional keyboard available all the time and prevent any occasional switches. At the same time, I prefer to have the system, drivers, applications etc. in English. The thing is that if you just add an additional language in Control Panel it can’t be set up independently. In order to separate the system language from that of your keyboard you need to do the following:

Go to Control Panel (Right click on Start button and choose Control Panel) –> Clock, Language and Region –> Language –> and click on the small link ‘Options’ on the very right side of the row (representing the current system language or any other you want to keep for Windows). Then click on ‘Add an input method’, choose your preferred language for your keyboard from the list (click on ‘Add’ or just double-click on it) and additionally, still in the ‘Input method’ row, click on ‘Remove XY’. By ‘XY’ I mean the previous input method (inherited from the system language) that you want to remove. Click on ‘Save’.

That’s the only way to set up the keyboard language independently of the system language and avoid the annoying switchable option in the system tray.


Time Settings

On this occasion, let’s also check the time settings:

Go to (Windows) Settings (press Windows key + I), tap the ‘Time & language’ tile and choose the right time zone.


Now, if you want week to start, for instance, with Monday instead of Sunday:

Still in the same window, scroll a bit down, click on ‘Change date and time formats’ and choose your preferred ‘First day of week’.

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