On Drivers

One of the first things to do after a fresh Windows installation is to install proper drivers for your hardware.

Windows itself will automatically take care of the basics and it can appear as if everything was already running well but there are most probably some components that will require dedicated drivers. If you have a laptop or a brand PC go to the manufacturer website, download and install original drivers to ensure that you really get all the best features out of your hardware.

You should definitely install latest drivers for your graphics card. If you have a laptop with dual graphics check out this post.

You will probably have some version of the chipset driver installed already via Windows itself but you can’t go wrong with installing the latest original version. There might be some additional features included in the original driver.

However, it’s not always of benefit to add everything, rather the other way around, the original package of drivers can include a lot of bloatware that is by no means necessary. So double check and find out what you really need before polluting your machine right at the start with something you will never use.

There are plenty of things that pose as something essential while you can actually live better without them. Some features might sound appealing as if they offer more security or even “better performance” but it’s never an unsubstantial feeling of “security” but rather lightness and speed what this website is concerned about in the first place.

I would recommend that you follow this simple rule: If you’re not sure what exactly it is just ignore it and do not install it as long as you find out that it’s something you really need.

Similarly, I don’t bother with installing any special audio drivers, touchpad drivers, Wi-Fi or other network drivers, let alone some “management utilities” and so forth. It’s really not worthy to have all that rubbish running in the background just for the sake of a couple of extra shortcuts or options I never need.

On the other hand, let’s not neglect the fundamentals here and check if you have latest BIOS version installed by going on your manufacturer website. Thus you can spare yourself quite a few potential troubles.

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