The Right Power Plan

When you’re setting out to tweak the system in terms of performance make sure that you’re running a “High performance” power plan in Power Options settings. Sounds trivial but, given that the Windows default is a “Balanced” plan, this step can be easily neglected. As a result you might experience issues1 when trying to launch more demanding applications, such as Photoshop or the like, if your device happens not to be plugged-in at the given moment.

Right click on the battery icon in system tray –> Choose “Power Options” –> First you need to click on “Show additional plans” –> Then choose • High performance.

In case you have a laptop with dual graphics you might need to take a few more steps:

Still in the “Power Options” window, click on “Change plan settings” within the High performance row –> Then click on “Change advanced power settings” –> Scroll down and find “Switchable Dynamic Graphics” –> “Global Settings” –> And make sure that you have “Maximize performance” selected for both the “Plugged in” and the “On battery” states.


1. [You would receive a message “LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed” and even assigning the program explicitly to “High performance” in your graphics card advanced settings would not help you. It will most probably be assigned to such profile already anyway.]

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